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EEC Tuning Hardware and Software 
Flash Devices and Tuners
Single and Multi-Program Chips
Multi-Program user configurable EEC Flash tools
High Capacity/Performance Mass Air Flow Meters

SCT was founded by hard-core auto enthusiasts. SCT employees share a passion for the products they create and the vehicles that utilize them. They bring a very strong background in software and OEM automotive power train calibrations. This background gives SCT the ability to put the most powerful and functional tuning tools into our customer’s hands. As an SCT Dealer, we know we will receive the best support, for the best tuning products in the industry.  This is key to providing our customers with the best performing cars possible. 

Dyno Based Tuning

Utilization of a Dynojet Chassis Dynamometer for optimization of performance tuning and hardware upgrades. The combination of the Dyno testing and SCT hardware/software, give us the ability to provide the best tuning services for your vehicle.

 PLX Electronics

PLX offers a complete line of Wideband Sensors and displays. The wideband sensor/transmitter can also be linked via a line buss to display the A/F along with other information gathered from the OBD II port in the car.

UPR Racing Products

Billet Interior and Exterior upgrades.
High performance short throw shifters.
Engine Performance and Visual Upgrades
Suspension Upgrades: K-Members, Tower Braces, CC Plates, Coil-over Kits etc.

Valley Girdle Pro

Horse Power Performance offers a solution for split pushrod motor blocks. Valley Girdle Pro re-enforces the valley/lifter area of the block where block failures begin.

Moser Engineering

Complete offering of Moser Engineering products for Axle and Differential applications.

This is the tip of the iceberg of our available products.Please call for more information.

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