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We at HP are pleased to announce our new distribution agreement with

PLX Devices Inc.

PLX is most recognized for it's extremely successful wideband air/fuel ratio meters, but also offer a much larger range of interesting products. These include Intelligent Multifunctional Display (IMD) devices. The more than 50 parameters the IMD sensors can transmit can be displayed on the PLX Oganic LED gauges. The gauges can be made to look any way you want them and display whatever parameters you would like. You can choose from a number of looks in the exisitng gauge library OR take a photo of what you want and PLX will create a file that can be uploaded to the gauge to change it's looks, for free!  I wonder if they do Pink?

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Sneak Peak-iMFD Datalogger


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HP Performance 

HP Performance is owned and operated by Tony and Sherry Gonyon: two individuals who live, eat and breathe high performance. From Tony's 8-second '85 LX Mustang street car to the development of Sherry's full tilt turbocharged Drag Radial-class '86 Mustang GT, they are competitive at every level and pass this experience and knowledge on to each and every customer.

HP Performance is located in Orange Park just south of Jacksonville, Florida. HP is a full capability tuner shop - their service include high performance upgrades on suspension, drivetrain, and engines. The Dynojet Chassis Dynometer allows HP full EEC and Carburetion tuning capabilites to optimize the performance of your car. Although the shop limits it's modification to domestic high performance vehicles, HP does provide Dyno access to most 2-wheel drive cars and trucks.

HP Performance offers full muscle car "tuner" products and services.

Engine Swaps and Performance Rebuilds
Gear Changes
Transmission Upgrades
Supercharger, Turbo, Nitrous installations
Chassis Dyno Services
EEC Tuning 
Chassis and Suspension upgrades
Six to Eight Cylinder Swaps
Header and Exhaust Upgrades
Induction Upgrades
Head Swaps
Underdrive Pulley installations

And Much Much More!

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